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The Tobago MDA Generator

The ADP Plaform encompasses high quality code delivered at high speed. This is facilitated using model driven architecture (MDA). The flexible and extensible Tobago MDA Generator uses UML models from any UML modeling tool, and produces files according to defined patterns. All kind of files are supported. Model driven architecture guarantees high quality and keeps testing effort low.
During project initiation Tobago is very useful as well to generate an estimation of needed effort based on use case points.

Codeplex and Tobago
Unfortunattely the Tobago MDA Codegenerator is not available for download yet. A lot of templates are alrady downloadable.

Modeling for Tobago
Within a ADP application the UML model is the heart of the development life cycle. When modeled correctly, the model is an exact representation of the requirements. The owner of the application gets a clear view of the functionality and the relations between parts of the software when viewing the model. This model is the input for generating code. Whenever anything changes in the applications architecture it will be changed in the model first. From the model code can be generated over and over again. This save lots of time and makes the risk of failure extremely low.
When using Tobago for code generation you need to create your model to the ADP modeling guidelines. Different entities of the model act on different layers in the ADP architecture. Based on the stereotypes assigned to classes and use cases, corresponding patterns are used to generate code. Edit

Modeling guidelines
* Model use case diagrams and smart use cases
* Model class diagrams and classes
* Use correct stereotypes for the use cases (manage, select, master detail, view, search, import ...)
* Use correct stereotypes for the classes (businessclass, enumeration, valueobject ...)
* Use correct attribute types in the classes. Use general types and Adf value objects (Email, Url, Zip)

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